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Our Journey

From Manchester’s industrial past, the Northern Quarter has grown to become one of the city’s most dynamic neighbourhoods – much loved by residents, businesses and visitors. However, as the city develops, we can see that the demands on the Northern Quarter as a place to live, work and play are increasing. At the same time, environmental challenges and our response to climate change indicate the need for bigger, better and more joined up green infrastructure to support nature.


These were challenges we were trying to tackle alone. However, in 2019 a group of stakeholders from across the Northern Quarter - ‘Nature’s Quarter’ - came together and discovered our common desire to support the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the area. We agreed that we could achieve more if we worked together – and so the Northern Quarter Action Group was born.


In late 2019, we agreed on a shared mission to ensure the sustainability of the Northern Quarter by enhancing the environment as an expression of its independent spirit, and have been working in partnership since to translate this mission into reality.

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