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What We're Up to

Car-free streets

We've been exploring how we can work together to make the Northern Quarter a Low Traffic Neighbourhood. 


Projects have included: 


  • Trialling temporary road closures at Edge Street to understand the impact and benefit to businesses and residents


  • Campaigning to improve the Northern Quarter for pedestrians and cyclists, centring around pedestrianisation of Stevenson Square


  • Working with Walk Ride GM to explore opportunities to open streets up for people by removing through traffic, while maintaining car access for residents and business deliveries


  • Measuring the impact of temporary pedestrianisation due to Covid-19 to help build the case for car-free streets in the long term


Greening our neighbourhood

We've been working together to develop projects which make the Northern Quarter a greener place to live, work or play. 


NQAG and member projects so far include:


  • Working with Groundwork Greater Manchester to develop a plan for Oak Street Square which makes it a better space for people and wildlife while improving connectivity with the adjacent Craft and Design Centre


  • Developing plans for a pocket parks/parklets on Edge Street, with support from Arup and in consultation with businesses on the street.


  • Working with City of Trees to plant more street trees between Piccadilly Station and Stevenson Square, to create a green walking route into the Northern Quarter


  • Working with Outhouse MCR and Sow the City to maintain the iconic green roof in the centre of Stevenson Square


If you have ideas for how we can help improve the Northern Quarter, we want to hear from you. Compete our survey (add link to ‘What would you like to see’) or get in touch. (add link to 'Get in touch')

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